Yusys Technologies Joins Hands with Transwarp to Enter an Intelligent Financial Age

Against the backdrop of rapid development of big data, financial institutions concerning banking, insurance and securities have shifted their focus from digitization of information and technicalization to building of data intelligence on a gradual basis.

As one of the leading enterprises in China's financial IT industry, Yusys Technologies deeply realized that "data intelligence" will become next benchmark of the financial industry. Therefore, Yusys Technologies is working hard towards this direction.

On September 20, 2016, Yusys Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. officially joined hands with Transwarp Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to sign a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The agreement aims to create a win-win and sustainable strategic partnership by working closely with each other to build a large data ecosystem.

 In this strategic cooperation, Yusys Technologies, on one hand, will make full use of its advantages in providing leading solutions and market share in such innovation fields as network finance, wisdom bank, financial cloud services and consumer finance. Meanwhile, the company also gives play to its extensive business advantages in consultation services, software products and implementation services, application software development, operation outsourcing services, system integration and value-added services. In addition, the company also employs Transwarp Technology's R&D experience in big data in multiple industries like telecommunications, finance, transportation, energy and government as well as big data core technology to make both sides avoid weaknesses and supplement resources.

On the other hand, both sides strengthen their partnership on a gradual basis through multi-level and multi-dimensional cooperation such as customer promotion in the financial industry of big data, software product sales, technical training exchanges and after-sale technical services. Meanwhile, both sides reduce costs in marketing, R & D and delivery and work together to create greater business value as well as provide more high-quality solutions and user experience for customers in the industry.

We believe that the positive cooperation between Yusys Technologies and Transwarp Technology will not only bring commercial benefits to both sides, but also to the market more intelligent, efficient and convenient financial large data solutions and technical services. That will greatly promote intelligent transformation of the financial industry.

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