Yusys Technologies—Seminar on Innovation and Transformation of Financial IT in New Business Mode Kicked off (Part I)

On November 19, 2016, Seminar on Innovation and Transformation of Financial IT in New Business Mode sponsored by Yusys Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. grandly kicked off in China World Hotel Beijing. Experts from such fields as the group finance companies, trust companies, insurance companies, security companies, financial investment companies, asset management companies, Internet finance companies and consumer finance companies gathered together to discuss the industry trends, share knowledge and experience and build consensus to seek development.

Mr. Ouyang Zhongcheng, chief operating officer of Yusys Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. made an opening speech for the seminar.

As the sponsor, Yusys Technologies invited 8 technical experts and 60-odd professionals in the industry.

During the discussion in the morning, Yusys Technologies' experts were invited to deliver keynote speeches, of whom, Consultant Liu Xiaodong made a speech on the Supply Chain Finance in Enterprise Ecosystem, Senior Consultant Zhang Zhiyuan gave a speech on Extensive Financial Online Service Platform Boosting Business Prosperity, Shi Jingang, product director of Data Product Department, made a speech on Marketing Service System of Retail Customers in New Situation. All of them focused on popular technical issues in the industry and provided evidences, which received a very good response and incurred vigorous discussions.

Please wait and see what will happen in the afternoon!

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