Yusys Technologies was Invited to MicroStrategy 2016 Global User Summit Speech

MicroStrategy Global User Summit kicked off in Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel on October 17, 2016 The summit attracted nearly 300 industry experts, business executives and data analysts. Gao Zhipeng, product director of Yusys Technologies, and Hao Fenghua, risk business director, were invited to give speeches. People on the site were enthusiastically responded!

 The summit includes main venues and four venues: Financial Industry Venue, Venue of Other Industries, MSTR V10 Venue and Technical Practice Venue.

 At the main venue, Terence Chan, general manager of MicroStrategy (MSTR) in Greater China, expressed clearly MSTR's commitment to Chinese users and strengthened its efforts to increase investment in Chinese market. David Knox, Senior Vice President of Global MicroStrategy, from America was invited to serve as the keynote speaker who introduced to audiences MSTR's innovative development and market commitment at the main venue in the morning.

 In the summit, many people used their own experience to share the change and value after their application of MSTR system, including Jiang Xu, head of Information Data Department of New Oriental School Group, Liu Jie, head of data line of Harbin Bank, Huang Yaobin, vice-general manager of cloud smart technology of Foxconn Technology Group, Shi Hongfei, director of Data Service Department of Shenwan Hongyuan Securities and Tian Yi, CIO of General China Life Insurance.

 In the Financial Industry Venue, Director Gao Zhipeng shared how BI unifies index base in banking industry, realizing unification of dimension and measurement in similar business as well as business sharing and reuse. The multi-dimensional index model is used to establish unified supervision platform, which makes internal structure of the system less affected by the number of reports. With strong stability, the platform can be configured with simple engine parameters to meet the demand change and new requirements.

 Director Hao Fenghua explained business modes of current Internet financing and difficulties in risk control, launching solutions of risk management based on big data. Meanwhile, he showed cases concerning anti-fraud and risk early warning. Hao Fenghua said difficulties in risk control of current financial industry and its development trend lie in how to avoid information leakage and utilize multiple tags to locate customer demands as well as realize online and offline information integration.

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