Yusys Technologies—Seminar on Innovation and Transformation of Financial IT in New Business Mode Wrapped up (Part II)

On November 19, 2016, Seminar on Innovation and Transformation of Financial IT in New Business Mode sponsored by Yusys Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was wrapped up in China World Hotel Beijing.

Thanks to rapid development of modern information technology and internet enterprises' constant penetration into financial sectors as well as transfer of IT technologies and ideas originating from the Internet industry to the financial industry, along with application of cloud computing, block chain, search engine and mobile payment into the financial industry, financial services and financial IT applications are also witnessing their constant innovation and transformation. As one of the largest and most influential enterprises in China's financial IT industry, Yusys Technologies has sponsored discussions involved non-banking experts and lecturers.

In the afternoon, five experts from Huawei and Yusys Technologies were invited to deliver keynote speeches. Yang Meilei, director of CTO office solutions of Huawei IT product line, made a speech on Discussion on Cloud and Big Data; Gao Zhipeng, senior business advisor of Yusys Technologies, delivered a speech on Data Application Based on the Same Index Base; Shen Wenyan, business expert of Yusys' eastern solution center, gave a speech about Total Risk Management; Wang Xiaodong, vice-general manager of Yusys Data, brought us a speech on the Financial Sector Cloud—New Choice for Construction of Information System, and Zhang Hongjun, general manager of Yusys' Core Product Department, made a speech about Discussion on Methods for Transformation of Business System. Many people constantly raised questions and put forward as many ideas and suggestions as they could think of in the scene. We would like to express our warm welcome to all of you and extend our sincere thanks for your support. Yusys Technologies looks forward to growing up with you to have a close cooperation and work together with you to complete the innovation services in the extensive financial sector!

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