• 2016 top 100 enterprises of comprehensive strength in Beijing software and information service industry
  • 2016 top 100 Zhongguancun enterprises of high growth
  • 2016 top 10 Chinese solution providers of brand influence
  • 2015 Excellent Innovation Practice Award of China Smart Finance
  • 2015 Huawei Best Solution Award
  • 2015 top 10 outstanding enterprises of Chinese golden software and golden service
  • 2015 top 100 Chinese enterprises with maximum investment value
  • 2015 top 100 Zhongguancun enterprises of high growth
  • 2014 top 100 enterprises with maximum software revenue
  • 2014 top 100 enterprises with fast growth in high-tech district pioneer list
  • 2013 top 10 leading enterprises of information technology service in financial industry
  • 2013 most valuable brand in Chinese software and information service
  • 2013 top 10 outstanding service providers with "golden service"
  • 2013 top 100 Zhongguancun enterprises of high growth
  • Chairman and CEO Hong Weidong has been awarded as:
    2016 Chinese leading solution provider
    2013 brand building leader of Chinese software and information technology services
    2012 excellent chairman
    Elite of Chinese financial IT enterprises
    Top 10 outstanding persons in financial IT enterprises
  • Products about client relationship management (CRM) and online banking have won the 2013 product quality innovation award issued by the Beijing Products Evaluation Center.
  • Online banking, credit and CRM systems have been awarded as Chinese excellent financial IT products and solutions.
  • Credit products have won the first prize of "IT service management solutions".
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